Changing Times – Why More Americans Are Choosing To Eat Out During The Holidays

Changing Times – Why More Americans Are Choosing To Eat Out During The Holidays

The end of the years holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. 斯蒂芬节/节礼日、光明节、宽扎节等.) have traditionally been a time of getting the family together around the Christmas tree and enjoying a home-cooked dinner with all of the fixings.  For a variety of reasons, however, more Americans are now eating out 在 the holidays.  While there will always be a place for a classic holiday ham at American tables each year, it is important to be aware of the increase in dinners out that seems to be more common 在 the holiday season.

这似乎是显而易见的, 作为一个消费者, eating out 在 the holidays is an enjoyable way to take in the joys of the season without the added stress of preparing a big meal for friends and family. 作为一个餐馆老板, knowing some of the deeper trends and reasons why Americans are choosing to eat out 在 the holidays will provide you with some insights into how to prepare for the season, 满足你的客户, 同时最大化你的收入.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why more Americans are choosing to eat out 在 the holidays.


The change in American eating habits has many explanations that need to be understood by the savvy restaurant owner to capitalize on consumer tastes.

之前, 在, 或者在一次购物之旅之后, it seems like American consumers are keener to sit down for a Christmas meal.  尽管有网上购物的趋势, retailers still see a big boom in business 在 the Holiday shopping season.  With so many people circulating throughout stores and malls at this time, it only makes sense that restaurants are being relied on to fuel these shopping sprees.  Mall owners taking note of this phenomenon are starting to 升级他们的365bet中文官网 from fast food to more classic sit-down style restaurants.

What can Restaurant Owners and Chefs Do to Create a Holiday Experience for Their Guests


Another reason why dining out 在 the holidays seem to be more popular is the whole experience surrounding the Holiday season.  As the experience economy makes the act of consumption more about the experience than about the actual product or service itself, 或者至少同等重要, consumers want to feel like they are a part of the season and the ambiance that surrounds it. 圣诞/节日音乐, 灯, and the feeling in the air are all different around this time of year.  Eating out 在 the holidays has become a part of this experience.

作为一个餐馆老板, making sure to provide the right environment to suit the Holiday season is the best way to ensure that hungry seasonal traffic flows through your doors. Turn the playlist to contemporary Christmas classics and make sure to offer some seasonal-themed dishes, 不管你全年的车费是多少.

While it might not suit every style of restaurant, integrating some classic 节日食材、肉块和菜肴 is a great way to revitalize your menu and get people excited about dining out 在 the holidays at your establishment. If you cannot seem to fit seasonal food into your offerings, then there are many opportunities for bringing a little seasonal cheer into your drink selection. 要有创意. You may even be able to market some of your existing meals as Holiday specials with some minor adjustments.


Remember that gift cards are an increasingly popular item exchanged 在 the holidays. These allow the recipient to have the flexibility of choosing their own gift; however, 作为一个餐厅, you can use gift cards as a means to attract new interest in your establishment. Making sure to offer gift cards at the holiday season is a good way to entice your loyal customers to gift them to friends who may not be familiar with your restaurant.


Remember that although many Americans will choose to eat their Holiday dinner in the comfort of their own homes, an 越来越多的人选择 即使这顿饭也要出去吃! Making sure to keep your restaurant open and well-staffed 在 Christmas Day and New Years’ Day, will allow you to make the most of the opportunities that the holidays provide.

Making Your Restaurant The Place To Eat Out During The Holidays

越来越多的美国人在假期外出就餐, restaurant owners need to be aware of how to capture the seasonal market. Understanding the reasons for this trend outlined here, as well as putting some of the practical tips into action, will give you a head start on preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

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