烧烤技巧 & 夏天的小窍门

烧烤技巧 & 夏天的小窍门

夏天和初秋是烧烤的时候.  Are you ready to have your guests sink their teeth into great 品尝烤肉 你做得很完美?  你是否提供牛肉、鸡肉、或 365bet, it’s important that you take the additional steps necessary and apply grilling tips to make your food really shine.

You might already be a master of the grill but you can always benefit from some extra advice and from some tips and tricks to keep your dishes at their very best. Those cooks who are at the top of their game are always learning new methods, 发展他们的技术,磨练他们的技能. 和, 许多厨师, 烧烤与其说是一门科学,不如说是一门艺术, taking a scientifically backed approach to your cooking will help you master the meat game your next event.



许多大厨师都会证明这一点,  a little salt and pepper is all it takes to make a really great cut of meat taste its best. 当你源 优质牛肉、鸡肉、或 365bet 对于你的菜肴,你需要让肉成为明星.  A little salt and pepper will elevate the flavors without distracting from the prime cut you have selected for your latest creation. 然而, 在你拿起你的摇床和磨床之前, 了解调味的科学是很重要的.

盐和胡椒在烹调肉类时是必不可少的. 盐可以帮助你的烤肉保留水分, which allows it to maintain its juiciness throughout the cooking process so that it can be presented looking succulent and inviting for your diners. 另一方面, salt also helps to prepare the taste buds to experience the dynamic flavors of what you are cooking.

Dry brining with salt is another great option if you have the time. 在你计划烤你最喜欢的肉的前一天, rub a little salt onto the cuts to make some real magic happen. 盐会分解一些肉类蛋白质, 甚至在你煮它们之前, and allow the cut to retain more moisture in the process. This is an easy trick, which takes a little pre-planning but yields amazing results.

和 as for pepper, well, pepper is just a good way to kick things up a notch.  Black pepper is great for a little bit of extra spice that most people can handle with ease. It helps to waken the taste buds and bring a sharp, earthy zing to a dish. 因为胡椒很快就会失去味道, it’s best to add it to your dish at the end of the cooking process or to ground fresh just before serving.


在烹饪界, it is well-known that the fat content of the cut of meat you are using will help it to stay together while cooking.  然而, 当谈到瘦身的时候, you need a bit of know-how to keep things consistent and juicy.  正如我们之前提到的, you can try dry brining most of your more conventional meats to keep them juicy and succulent.

当涉及到 烹饪鸡肉,你的方法应该有所不同. 首先, 还有你所有的食物和配料, 选择高质量的365bet中文官网总是最好的. Taking your time in choosing the best product possible is a trend that should be applied to your cooking too, 保持低速度.

For hamburgers, try adding a little water while forming the 汉堡肉饼 as this can go a long way towards keeping more of the moisture in the meat.  汉堡包通常是餐馆的招牌菜, 然而, 不管你怎么盖汉堡, if the meat is dry and overcooked it will never impress your guests.

如果你是烧烤 热狗 and you want to ensure that they don’t dry out, just be sure not to leave the grill. Put the 热狗 on a high heat and turn them regularly so that they cook evenly. 把它们从火上拿下来的神奇时刻, is when they start to expand but just before they begin spluttering. Pop them into a fresh bun and your hotdogs will be ready to go.


当涉及到 heating your meat in the most effective way, 许多厨师使用默认的燃气烤架选项. 然而, gas lacks some of the taste-boosting qualities of other forms of heat and it’s worth experimenting with some other techniques to get the most from your meat.

For example, the classic combination is a mixture of wood chips and charcoal.  These sources of heat are the best way to bring the flavor out of your cooked meats.  木屑在分子水平上增加了一种烟熏味, 一种叫做愈创木酚的东西, 这肯定会让你的肉更上一层楼.  Since wood chips and charcoal come from plant-based sources, the breakdown of these plant compounds during the grilling process, combined with the dripping effect of fattier cuts of meat, 能增加成品的味道.


Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to great grilled meats. Both chefs and foodies alike will have some personal opinions as to whether 特别切的肉 半熟还是五分熟.

Most chefs frown upon a well-done steak and look with suspicion at those who order them. 科学表明这可能是有原因的. Well-done meats are potentially carcinogenic and can be harmful to your health. 当然, there is a fine balance between a good-quality well-done steak and a charred mess, and most people will agree that the latter should be avoided at all costs. Use your professional judgment when it comes to serving these higher-temperature choices to save both the palate and the well-being of your customers.

For more information on the best temperatures and how long to grill different meats, 看看这个指南.


It’s important that you do what you can to be prepared ahead of time of your event. 准备菜单时, try some different cooking techniques and grilling tips, experiment with your seasoning and you might be surprised at the difference in what you produce. 如果你是一个厨师 在芝加哥的食品服务机构,一定要联系你的 芝加哥肉类经销商 today to get some great portion cuts of ground beef patties or poultry, or to add a little extra diversity to the menu and ensure that you are ready when your guests arrive.